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Having Two Cars Can Be Twice as Nice

Jul 31, 2013

If you are considering buying a second car, you might want to think about getting new auto insurance as well because a multi-car policy can be cheaper than two individual policies.

Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect with your auto insurance if you buy a second car.

Why would I need it?

Having two cars automatically requires a second policy. If you drive a car, it must be insured.  That is the law.


The multi-car policy offers one the most common auto insurance discounts. If you have more than one vehicle on a single policy, then the multi-car discount usually applies.

What can you do to lower your premiums even further?

  • Make sure that all of your policies are with the same company
  • If you have a seasonal vehicle you may be able to get  standard coverage, which reduces the amount of coverage on the vehicle and lowers your premiums
  • You can get a discount up to 20 percent if you combine your auto policy with your home and life policies
  • If you only drive the car occasionally and don’t put many miles on it, your premiums can be quite low
  • If you keep your second car in storage

Many of us think that a discount always comes with a catch. But there’s no catch here. Insurance companies save a lot of time processing paperwork when they include all of your vehicles in one policy. Saving time means saving money, which is a key factor for big companies. If you insure each vehicle separately, there is twice as much paperwork and time spent servicing you.

Other vehicles are welcomed

If you own a boat, motorcycle or other vehicle, then you can include them into your policy for an even greater discount.

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