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Insurance Myths Debunked Part 3: Health Insurance

Apr 30, 2013

The next set of myths that we will be debunking are about health insurance. A lot of people wonder about the types of coverage and the Affordable Care Act. Everybody wants to live a long and happy life, and no one wants to have serious health concerns, and health insurance helps people cure illnesses before they get out of control. But health insurance is a complicated thing, so let us help you navigate it a little.

Myth #1 Sick people can get only the most expensive policies.

This popular myth can make you think that if you have a preexisting condition, you can only qualify for the most expensive policies. Remember that insurance premiums are always based on potential risk. Insurance can protect your from the things which didn’t happened yet. The truth is that your insurability depends on how severe your condition is.  Fortunately no one can be excluded for having a preexisting condition.


Myth #2. Health Insurance is expensive.

This myth is based in reality, but it’s not the whole truth. Your premiums depend on options and services in your policy. When you buy private insurance you should ask your agent to explain all costs and help you to find the best policy for your needs. Some policies are customizable and if you choose to add some features your agent can help. Choose the company you could trust and try to find different discounts. Try to buy insurance when you are young and healthy.


Myth #3 The quality of medical service depends on the quality of insurance.

When you buy a policy you choose the features in it. Medical services you receive from doctors. This means that the quality of service you get will depend on your doctor and not your insurance plan.  There is no insurance plan that offers mediocre doctors for less money.  Every insurance policy strives to give great care.  After all, it is actually more expensive for insurance companies if you are sick, so they try to prevent this.


Myth #4 I have group insurance plan and I don’t need an individual plan.

Some people are mistaken about group and individual insurance plans. Group plan are usually cheaper and come from your work. But there are a few things to keep in mind about your work group insurance plan. The first piece of harsh information to remember is that your plan could be cancelled if you lose your job or change employers. Another important detail to look into is who is paying for the majority of it. Sometimes it makes more sense to choose and pay for your own plan than to stick with what is given to you.  It might not even be much more expensive.


When you are looking for a policy, always determine exactly what you need and spend some time doing research to find out what’s available and what kind of prices there are.  A professional agent will always help you to choose the best price and the right features. When you invest in your health care policy, you protect your future from unexpected expenses which you possibly couldn’t afford. If you get regular check-ups, you can prevent serious illnesses.

What kind of misconceptions about health insurance did you always believe until you realized they weren’t true?

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