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Your Budget: the 7 Best Financial Programs

Jul 31, 2013

Budgeting isn’t easy for most people. But there are tools that make the job simpler. These seven efficient financial software programs can help you get a grip on your finances instead of pulling out your hair.
#7 Koku
At under $30, this easy to use software connects you directly to your bank so that you can import information. It helps you track down where you spend your money, and creates colorful distribution and historic summary reports. It categorizes types of transactions by color to help you analyze your spending.

#6 iCash
This financial software provides comprehensive tools for tracking transactions, projects, sales tax and other important data. You can use iCash to work with various currencies, create budgets and schedule payments. It can create budgets and compare them to your expenses. It has tools for tracking pension accounts, stock portfolios, interest and investments. It produced profit and loss reports and net worth reports.

#5 Mint
Mint lets you monitor the status of your personal finances and create personalized budgets. It collects data from various sources, such as your credit card company and your savings account, and compiles all your financial information in one spot. Mint is notoriously easy to understand and use. It breaks your spending down by category and displays the figures in colorful pie charts.

#4 AceMoney
Most consumers, regardless of their income bracket, will find AceMoney useful. After an easy installation, this program provides you with the necessary information to achieve your financial goals and manage your investment accounts. The nice thing about it is that it has a one-time only license fee, and every upgrade is free.
#3 Moneydance
Moneydance has an advanced set of features along with online banking capabilities and operating system support, among other features. It permits you to transfer data wherever and whenever you need it. All of its features are comfortably organized for easy access and use. In addition, it’s one of the few programs of its kind that runs on not only Windows and Mac, but on Linux, too.


#2 PiggyBob Premium
Among PiggyBob Premium’s features are a calendar and an alarm system, which is great help for paying bills on time. It is said to be the first truly user friendly financial software on the market. It’s simple and doesn’t overwhelm you with options.

Want to be more financially stable? Ynab can help you to maintain a budget and achieve your financial goals. Online tutorials and free classes from Ynab University will teach you some practical strategies for money management.
These financial programs can help make personal money management more convenient. Remember, a well-managed budget will give you the freedom to invest your money wisely.

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